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A project of the Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources (MWGWR), Middle East Peace Process.

Since its inception in 1992, the MWGWR has been implementing a variety of projects. Each project enjoys the technical and financial support of one or more of the MWGWR's extra-regional donor delegations. More about us...

Water Videos

The first activity completed by the regional participants in this project was the design and preparation of a video for a youth audience that highlights the importance of water issues from a regional perspective. This video is available for showing at youth-oriented events throughout the region. Available soon.

WaterCarePicture of textbook covers in 3 languages.

The second major activity, known as WaterCare, was the preparation of a Student Resource Book, Teacher's Guide, and complimentary Web Page focused on water conservation issues that are regional in concept, scope, and content. The materials were prepared jointly by Jordanian, Israeli, and Palestinian educational writers and were written for students between 12 and 15 years old.

RainCatcherPicture of rain harvesting site

The RainCatcher pilot project brings together government representatives, school administrators, teachers, and students to teach, by example, the methods and value of rain harvesting at selected schools in Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian communities.


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